Oxford County

Sewage systems

Oxford County Public Health strives to prevent the spread of disease and protect the health of Oxford County residents through the protection of our ground and surface waters.

Careful attention to sewage system design and installation is required to ensure these systems function properly. Many areas in Oxford County contain sensitive eco systems, easily affected by excessive nutrient loading.

Role of Public Health Inspectors:

  • Approve and inspect sewage systems
  • Investigate and help solve sewage related complaints

Oxford County Public Health is responsible for the enforcement of the provisions of the Building Code Act and Part 8 of the Ontario Building Code within the eight municipalities in Oxford County.

Sewage systems included are:

Class 1 (privies)
Class 2 (grey water)
Class 3 (cesspools)
Class 4 (tank/treatment unit and leaching bed)
Class 5 (holding tanks)